Designing Web Graphics.2

By Lynda Weinman

An Amazon reviewer says:

'Designing Web Graphics.2 uses examples from the author's favorite sites and offers helpful design, software, and HTML pointers. Written in a casual, conversational tone with a smart layout, the book offers accessible resources and direction for the designer and non-designer alike. Weinman's book covers everything the aspiring (or active) Web designer needs to know, from basic HTML to animation techniques in Macromedia Director and tutorials for the latest release of Adobe Photoshop. Weinman spends a lot of time explaining and deconstructing different techniques for creating and optimizing media elements. Rather than letting the tools lead discussions of technique, Weinman introduces concepts and goals and then follows through with software-specific instruction. Already in its second edition, Designing Web Graphics.2 is the most technically up-to-date resource on Web design. '

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1562057049.01.MZZZZZZZ.gif (16290 bytes) Creative HTML Design

By Lynda and William Weinman

An Amazon reviewer says:

'This first-rate overview of Web design and creation brings together two bestselling and highly regarded members of the Weinman family--Web graphics guru Lynda and her CGI wizard brother William--and encompasses both technical and aesthetic issues. The Weinmans work from the idea that learning how to code your own HTML documents will give you better flexibility and results (not to mention self-gratification); they not only explain "how to," but also "how to do well." Creative HTML Design includes solid explanations on safe colors, how to reduce graphic sizes, and how to use tables, JavaScript, and cascading style sheets in ways that are accessible to most Web browsers. Given the breadth of information covered, this is one of the more comprehensive and digestible introductions to Web design available.'

Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition

By David Seigel

An Amazon reviewer says:

'David Siegel's classic guide to good taste in Web design has been completely overhauled in this second edition. Every chapter has been reworked, repurposed, and rewritten with over 100 new pages and 150 new illustrations, new information on 4.0 browser design, and a comprehensive guide to Style Sheet implementations for both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Those who enjoyed Creating Killer Web Sites the first time around will doubtlessly benefit from this new edition, which is meant as a continuation of the first book rather than a simple update. At the same time, anyone who has never read the first edition will be able to pick up this new edition without having missed a beat. Siegel's accompanying Web site ( contains supplemental information as well as chapters from the first edition that didn't make the 2.0 cut.'

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1562058592.01.MZZZZZZZ.gif (17914 bytes) Deconstructing Web Graphics.2

By Lynda Weinman andJon Warren Lentz

An Amazon reviewer says:

'In this handsome, full-color book for Web designers, Web expert Lynda Weinman and artist Jon Warren Lentz team up to present you with case studies of successfully designed Web sites. The authors interview the artists and programmers who produced each site and dissect the problems and solutions behind each site. The companies whose sites are highlighted include Qaswa, a Web-design company; Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum; Bosch Power Tools, a manufacturer of powered hand tools; National Geographic Society; Akimbo, a Web-design company; and @tlas, a Web magazine. The case studies offer a wide variety of advice: you get tips on using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Macromedia Flash, DreamWeaver, Shockwave, RealAudio, BBEdit, and GifBuilder; moving from CD-ROM to Web design; understanding tables, frames, Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript; and working with information architecture, navigation, and color. An appendix provides brief information on Web color, hexadecimal color, image compression, and Web file formats, and another offers contact information for the book's contributors. The glossary contains computer and design terms'

HTML Artisty: More Than Code

By Ardeth Ibanez and Natalie Zee

An Amazon reviewer says:

'Most HTML books focus on either technical how-to guidance or design advice, but this outstanding full-color book does both, and quite well. Authors Ibanez and Zee first detail core HTML concepts, including such tasks as using tables and frames in layout; building a coherent navigational system with graphical and text links and headers and footers; working with type and applying type effects; understanding color and the Web palette; and customizing your Web site using JavaScript. Next you learn all about working with Dynamic HTML (DHTML), layers, cascading style sheets, interactivity, animations, and transitions. Appendices offer HTML, style sheet, and DHTML reference lists.'

1568304544.01.MZZZZZZZ.gif (9293 bytes)
1566047714.01.MZZZZZZZ.gif (10471 bytes) Character Animation in Depth

By Doug Kelly

An Amazon reviewer says:

'Whether or not you've got a background in traditional character animation, Character Animation in Depth can help you learn the art of creating animated figures in the digital realm. The author, Doug Kelly, offers hands-on techniques for building eye-catching and credible characters in a variety of tools. He reviews essentially the entire 3-D-graphics software market at the beginning of the book, and throughout the book he teaches you about how to harness the specific capabilities of some of these programs, such as 3D Studio MAX and trueSpace3. But in general, you can apply his advice to whatever 3-D modeling and animation program you prefer. '

Other titles worth looking into:

3D Creature Workshop; Bill Fleming

3-D Human Modeling and Animation; Peter Ratner

Animating Facial Features and Expressions; Bill Fleming, Darris Dobbs

3D Photorealism Toolkit; Bill Fleming

Adobe Photoshop 5.5


  • Produce superior Web graphics with rollovers, image slicing, and Web optimization
  • Expand your creative power with precise masking, contact sheets, and a history palette
  • Paint stylized strokes on an image with the new Art History brush
  • Produce eye-catching animated GIF files with the smallest possible file sizes
  • An integrated Adobe user interface, seamless Web graphics workflow, and layer effects give tools consistency
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Inside 3d Studio Max 3 Modeling, Materials and Rendering

by Ted Boardman, Jeremy Hubbell

An Amazon reviewer says:

'3D Studio Max version 3 is a mature and flexible 3-D modeling, animation, and rendering tool. Inside 3D Studio Max 3: Modeling, Materials, and Rendering reflects and illuminates the depth of the application it covers.'

Other titles worth looking into:

3D Studio Max R3 in Depth; Rob Polevoi

3D Studio MAX R3 f/x and design; Ken Allen Robertson, et al

3D Studio Max 3 Media Animation; John P. Chismar

3D Studio Max 3 Fundamentals (Inside...); Michael Todd Peterson, Steve Burke (Illustrator)

Adobe Photoshop 5 Classroom in a Book  

by Adobe Creative Team

An Amazon reviewer says:

'This book is an excellent tool for learning how to use Adobe Photoshop 5 for Macintosh and Windows. The writers--actually a team from Adobe--guide you through the basic and advanced tasks of using the image editor and paint program to create and enhance a wide variety of photographs and images.'

Other titles worth looking into:


Adobe Illustrator 8.0 : Classroom in a Book (The Classroom in a Book Series); Adobe Creative Team

Adobe PageMaker 6.5 Classroom in a Book; Adobe Creative Team

Adobe Premiere 5 Classroom in a Book; Adobe Creative Team

Adobe Illustrator 7.0 Classroom in a Book; Adobe Creative Team


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Inside Truespace 4 (Inside Series)

By Frank A. Rivera

An Amazon reveiwer says:

'Caligari TrueSpace has been a popular program for creating relatively simple 3-D graphics. With every update, its developers have extended its ability to create more advanced models and animations, thereby encouraging and expanding its user base. The program's relatively affordable price, early appearance on and commitment to the Windows platform, and straightforward working environment haven't hurt either.'

Other titles worth looking into:


Truespace 3 and 4 Creature Creations; Darris Dobbs, Bill Fleming

The Poser 3 Handbook; Shamms Mortier      

3D Photorealism Toolkit; Bill Fleming

Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques; Bill Fleming



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